Haru v2 – The Easiest Minimalist Slim Wallet (RFID Shielded) Is Cool Design Invention

Haru v2 – The Easiest Minimalist Slim Wallet (RFID Shielded) by Alphonso Ngiam http://kisetsu.co/
Haru just got an upgrade. We’ve listened to your suggestions and applied them. Carrying and using your cards just became simpler.

Another Amazing Design Invention In This Video

RE.BIN The Modern Alternative to Traditional Recycling by Whitney Ferrell http://www.rebinus.com/
RE.BIN promotes sustainability through design by offering an easy way to recycle in style. Smart. Beautiful. Sustainable.

Disruptive Strong Bag For Real World Strength by DisruptiveStrong http://www.disruptivestrong.com/
Lift it. Strike it. Slam it. Drag it. The Ultimate & Affordable Training System for Real World Strength.

Switch Stance – Portable, ultra-affordable standing desk.by Saso Kastelic

Sitting does more harm than smoking! Switch to healthier standing with the first ultra-portable, ultra-affordable standing desk.