HOPE & Atly- Stoner Preferences (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (Free Download)

Thank you for your time 🙂 Please let me know your thoughts. I know its 4/19 but happy early 4/20! Peace&Love -Randall
Lyrics- (Public Enemies Intro)(When Harry Met Sally Outro)
Pretty looking eyes she’s got them silky feeling thighs
baby girl I got a jar leave the hookah in the car
and I love it when you pack because I’m focused on your rack,
pass the lighter to the left you start to giggle so I laugh.

bongs and joints we like to choke on the vape
she’s like the needle to my dabber so together we stay
we mix the shatter with the grass we’re like a diesel blowing stack
turn the television up because im coughing from the blunt.

bud to my bowl you’re like the slide to my bong
youre the toke to my high and also cheech to my chong
I love your gorgeous smile and the way that you dress
I love the way you flick your hair and how you sleep on my chest
oh lay day

You’re my dream girl
I’m just a silly guy
rollin up a jay thats gonna make you laugh and cry
Take my hand boo,
we got the spirits too
as im driving baby you could roll a ducer due

two jars and theyre merging to one
it doesn’t matter what they say because its love a de dumb
oh bay bay
you’re the type of girl
im the type of guy
stoner preferences, we smoke all day and chill at night

roll the problems up
burn your past to ash
ditch the cigarettes we’re smoking good on waxy hash
no bags baby, we like the mason jars
keep it fresh we always drive around in smoke filled cars

my stoner lady ma’am shed like to thank you my ex,
“hes always high, and always shy but now he’s loyal to heart,
he’s so smart”
always thanking her because im shy and never cheat sex
I’m always passionate and working hard to meet her climax

I’m not a different guy im just a loyal stoner man
yeah Im drinking whiskey with my girl we cheers you ma’am
*click clack* all you lovers for jays,
grab your baby girl and kiss her forehead for grace

look into her eyes and see the passion arise
floating through the city grab her had for the ride
we get baked
never driving fast, always driving slow
when I hit the jay I finger flirt to pass the dro
all the windows down, and the sun is shinning
I can hear the birds they’re humming to my ladies rhyming
when I opened her door she made me melt to the floor
legs spred hemp dress drop down to the floor
pearly whites with her big brown eyes, I love life
God I thank you for this two step rhyming delight
yeah we love the bay, got the herbs and rays
San Francisco raise your blunts to the GIANTS we say.

stoner lady youre so right I couldnt cheat you if I tried
I wanna take you to my spot and spread them legs and get real hot
please take my mind into a bliss and meet our maker through a swish
I am mr suit and tie, who loves ta dress up and get high

herbal trees are here for thee so smoke my meds religiously
we’re flying through the city lights and gripping hands we’re talking right
asking me to make a wish i wanna go and kiss your lips
slide your bud into my bowl the dreams we share of joining souls
chems and greeds are not for we, dabbing on the kush that I grow from seed
doesnt really matter what they like to say I got my girls A big three way (herbs, my girl, me= best three way)
love big jars and smoking stars, diesel trucks are not so par,
diesel buds now thats for me chem dawg 1 is super clean
Free Download- https://soundcloud.com/deardorothy/randall-stoner-preferences-feat-atlyfree-download
Instrumental- https://soundcloud.com/hiphop-instrumental/sick-rap-hiphop-instrumental