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3 A.M in the mornin’ I be gettin’ that (what)
I be whippin’ that (what), I be servin’ that (what)
3 A.M in the mornin’ in the fuckin’ trap (what)
I be countin’ stacks (what), where my fuckin’ racks? 
3 A.M in the mornin’ mornin’
All my niggas we rollin’ rollin’ 
3 A.M we holdin’ holdin’ 
All my niggas rep ya zone n zone n

Uh, nigga watchu hatin’ for?
Hit the block hit the curb to be makin’ dough
Yeah I got work, but keep it on the low 
Like a dirty lil secret how I flip the blow 
Let em squeal, blood will spill, leakin’ let it drip the floor
Pull up in a clean whip no linen no
Leather so soft yeah the haters yeah I let em know 
Uh, they say Cuse watchu waitin’ for?
Centre of attention like my face be on a centre fold 
If niggas hate I let em know, serve the blow and I get the dough
If ya partner snitchin’ on you niggas gotta let em go 
Hell yeah we go ape on a nigga he gettin’ close 
I be in the kitchen splittin’ chickens no Benihana’s
Y’all niggas ain’t pitchin’ it you soft  Prima Donnas 
3 A.M, I’m lookin’ for like 2 commas 
The hustle ain’t for you, you should keep your blue collar 
Y’all niggas couldn’t reach my level if you grew taller 
Lookin’ the devil in his eyes you can’t do nada 
Always on the grind man I ain’t got that time
Boss shit gotta keep my militants in line 
Got an iller sense of mind, you ain’t innocent you lyin’ 
Yeah I do it for the dollar bills, even if the dollar kills 
So many racks in my pocket what’s a wallet? Eww
Gettin’ money over seas, BP oil spill


3 A.M on that mission for that dough, so a nigga on the go
Everyday twenty-four
Cause I’m makin’ it my mission if these niggas get to snitchin’ 
In the streets man it’s forbidden you don’t talk unless you live it 
Man I live it, y’all niggas just mimics, damn right I did it
Yeah I kill it, rap game I pillage y’all is my witness 
Man I ball, travel as I move my fuckin’ pivot 
Doin’ this just for the critics and all the fuckin’ cynics
Maycuse that nigga so it aint a fuckin’ gimmick
Puttin’ on a rap clinic same way I treat the trap
Niggas actin’ like they know me beggin’ me for a couple stacks 
Man they be the same niggas that was hatin’ on my rap
Know that all I spit is crack, y’all niggas didn’t have my back
Now ra ta tat tat watchu sayin’ boy? Y’all niggas know I ain’t playin’ boy
Wanna be the best the south has ever heard that’s what I’m sayin’ boy
I flip another bird, man fuck it I ain’t scared
Betta mark my fuckin’ word I’m fienda blow think he absurd 
Got the hoods and the burbs back jumpin’ like I’m TIP
Man these niggas think they hustle its only a lil flip
Don’t make me say that shit again ya’ll niggas ain’t in my lane 
3 A.M I make it rain in the trap flippin’ the caine 
Yeah I do it, grindin’ for a deal, nothin’ less than a mill
I pursued it, my ambition fuel it, y’all said it’s foolish 
Said I do it for this my mama tryina get a few commas 

Written by: Maycuse
Performed by: Maycuse
Produced by: G Money Baby
Recorded at: Home Base Studios (Marc Hadji)
Mixed & Mastered by: Marc Hadji
Art Work: Blur Graphics