Hotel Thief at Coral Beach Resort & Suites 1105 South Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

I have been thinking about this for awhile. In July of 2013 my family and I stayed at Coral Beach Resort & Suites 1105 South Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. While there the housekeeper (thief) went through our room. I caught all this on video. I set the camera up 1 – because I don’t trust anyone and 2 – we saw her come out of our room 10 minutes earlier with nothing. No broom, mop or anything but she said she was cleaning.
So below is a copy and paste of the review I put on tripadvisor and the video. In the video you will see her going through the drawers and the refrigerator. Going through our prescription medication that was on top of the refrigerator. You can hear her (turn up the volume) when she goes on the right side of the video out of frame unzipping my wife’s purse and luggage. When she goes off the left side of the frame you can hear her going through my pants that were on the bed. You can hear my keys rattle. And you can hear her going my bags. Around the 6:30 mark she messes with the medication and around the 8:45 mark she even opened the safe. She goes through everything and something multiple times.
UPDATE: While uploading the video I searched and found the case record. I must say I was WRONG. The housekeeper was NOT ARRESTED. This is what the officer put at the bottom for the incident paperwork: (THE HOTEL STAFF IS TAKING CARE OF THIS INCIDENT INTERNALLY. AT THIS TIME I DO NOT PLAN TO PRESS CHARGES ON THE OFFENDER SINCE NOTHING WAS TAKEN.)
So that really makes me mad. I thought that she had been charged because when the officer left us that is what he said he was going to do. Guess he changed his mind.
Coral Beach Resort & Suites
This place is a rip off. My family (Wife, 13 yr old daughter, 5 yr old daughter, mother in law, father in law, brother in law, sister in law, nephew and myself) stayed here last year. We rented 3 rooms for 8 days. The second day their my father in law caught one of the cleaning crew coming out of my room with no equipment. He told me and being former loss prevention and a current fire/medic. I went to check it out. We were at the pool so everything we own was in the room except the room key. When I arrives at the room I noticed that my wallet had been moved. I have real bad OCD and that is what kinda helps me as a medic because I notice EVERYTHING but it also is a bad thing because I notice the little things that are big to me but no one else. Knowing what I know it would have been their word verses mine. So I set up a hidden camera and went back down to the pool for 30 mins. When I came back and watched the video I caught the maid going through my wallet, all our suitcases, my wife’s purse, all our prescription medication (Pain medications, Muscle relaxers, and various other medications 15 or so) it cost me around $250.00 to replace all the medications, the officer said it would be the safe thing because she touched the medications when she went through them.(doctor visit to get the refills and the money to buy the medications), the closet, the dresser drawers where we had our kids clothes, the safe and the refrigerator. I notified the resort and asked for them to call the police. The manager said she wanted to see the video. I told her no that we needed to call the police. She stood there for a second and said that they had been called. OK stand back and think about this. I called for the manager to come to my room, I did not tell anyone why. She had not let the room or called anyone on a walkie. How had the police been called? So I picked up the phone and call Law enforcement myself. She asked again may I see the video. I told her when law enforcement arrived I would show everyone. The officer arrived and I told him what had happened and showed him the video of the housekeeper going through everything (8 and a half minutes). He asked the manager where the lady was and she told him. He had the manger stop her from cleaning a room and go to the managers office and wait there. The officer went and spoke to the house keeper and then she was fired and arrested. Only thing the manager said to me was that she was sorry I had to call the police. The hotel refused to do anything for us. No refund, no discount, no free drink not even I’m sorry, Nothing! I was told that if I wanted to leave that they refund the remaining amount they we had paid with out charging us the cancellation fee. Well we were going to try to stay. So I told the manager no one was to enter and of our rooms. We would clean our own rooms. For 2 days they did what we asked but the third day they were in our room again. This place made us feel like we were the problem and NOT THE VICTIM!!! And so you know this is true the Myrtle Beach PD officer was McIntyre. And the cases number is 13-007821. So do NOT stay here.
Stayed July 2013, traveled with family