How To Attract Women- How To Get The First Date

How to Attract Women

How to get that first date

So how to attract women. how do you get them to like you, to feel that deep attraction for you

One that isn’t just simply based on:

* your looks,

* what’s in your wallet

* or the kind of car you drive

For guys learning how to attract women this can sound really tricky.

After all, how are men supposed to know what each girl’s looking for without asking?

You already know if you DID ask, you know your chances would drop dramatically.

After all, no girl wants a guy that sounds needy and unsure of himself

– she wants a confident man who somehow seems to know what she’s after and can give it to her.

In her mind you already should know how to attract women to you and have a feel for what they want…

But how?

How do you become the man that attracts women effortlessly, exudes confidence, dominance and presence, without turning into an arrogant a**hole or a desperate, needy type?