How to prepare for a K1 Fiancee Visa Interview? FAQ#10 Advance preparation for the K1 Fiancee Visa Interview is essential for a successful final result of the I129F Fiance Visa petition process. The foreign fiancee should do her homework to make sure she knows her fiancee well. She know him well after asking him to tell her about his background, his family, his work, his plans. For more information, and/or Personal support by Fred Wahl, Certified Immigration consultant call 1-800-806-3210 x 702 or visit

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Hi, I am Fred Wahl.

Todays question is:

How to prepare for a Fiancee Visa Interview?

The Fiancee Visa Interview is the final hurdle of the
Fiancee Visa petition process. The consular officer asks questions
to confirm the engagement for marriage is “bone fide” and
that you are of good moral character.

At the end of the interview the decision is made to approve or deny the visa.

It is a stressful time for you as so much hinges on making a good impression.

The secret to success? Preparation

Preparation for the interview starts BEFORE the petition
for your visa is even submitted.

Encourage your American Fiance to include, ample and compelling evidences
of your courtship and relationship, as part of the original petition package
submited to HomeLand Security. It should include photos, travel proofs,
samples of correspondences,phone bills, affidavits from people who know
the two of you as a couple,and whatever other proofs that show your engagement is “bone fide”.

I call including these materials “front – loaded” the petition.

A well prepared “Front – Loaded” submission to USCIS, helps convince
the Consular Officer, as he reviews your case documents before the interview begins,
that your intentions for for a visa for marriage to you American lover
is sincere and should be approved. When a ‘Front loaded” petition is
done properly, your interview may be very short and sweet.

But don’t rely ONLY on a front – loaded petition.

Do your homework too.

Make sure you KNOW who your fiancee is. Get to know him well.
Ask him to tell you about his background, his family, his work, his plans.

Encourage your Fiance to visit often and to spend as much time with you,
as he can afford. The more “together time” you spend with him
the better you know him, and the more first hand stories you
can share during the interview, the easier the inteview will seem.

Go to my website for a list of sample interview questions
and practice them with your Fiance, until you your answers are relaxed
and fluent.

Schedule your medical exam at the consulate designated clinic a week
or earlier before the interview.

This avoids rescheduling your visa interview, in case the clinic
takes longer than usual to process your lab test results.

The consulate gives you a a checklist of documents to carry to the interview.

Go over the list carefully. Make sure you have everything.

Do a final review of all of the documents and evidences. Read each
carefully, familiarize yourself with what they say. Often the answers
to questions the consular officer asks are right there.

Your verbal answers should be consistent with the written
Arrange all documents, photos and evidences into a logical order.
A document wallet works well.

Practice so that you know where everything is,
and can without fumbling quickly find whatever you need.

Review the appointment letter, so you know where and when the
interview is being held.

Double check any special rules or procedures, like no cell phones,
which gate to use, etc.

Finally allow plenty of time to arrive on time.

Best of luck

And Welcome to the USA

This is Fred Wahl
your personal Immigration Guide