How To Put on Condom

Video: How to put on Condom
[Footage Description: Alison (white deaf woman wearing short sleeved black blouse) is signing to camera. During the video (length: 4:23) she demonstrates how to put on a condom using a wood dildo and a green lubricated condom.]
Alison: Hi! I’m Alison Aubrecht. I work at Family Tree Clinic! I wanted to take a moment to show you how to put a condom on the right way!
[Rubs hands together in excitement]
Okay! Now, some of y’all might already know what to do. Some might benefit from a refresher!
First off, you will want to make sure the condom is latex, if you’re not allergic. This prevents both pregnancy and HIV/STIs. This condom is an example of a latex condom, though there are many different brand names. [Holds condom up to camera- the condom is in a black wrapper with the name “Durex” on it. Turns to other side, and the wrapper is transparent, showing a green condom inside].
So… what’s the first thing you do? You will want to make sure the condom is in good condition, has air inside. [Holds condom up between two fingers and presses down lightly, testing for air pocket.] The reason you do this is because sometimes if a condom is left in a wallet or pants pocket for a long time, or in a place that has high temps, the condom can become crumbled/lose air and may easily break during sexual activity. So check on that.
Next you want to check the expiration date. [Holds condom up to camera, shows expiration date written on middle of condom wrapper in white text]. Sometimes the expiration date appears at the edges of the condom wrapper. You can see this one expired in August 2005- it is OLD! SO you won’t want to use an expired condom, because it can break, but I’m using this one for demo!
[Reaches over and places wood dildo in front of camera]. So, check out our demo dildo. Now what you want to do next is carefully tear open the edge, don’t use your teeth! [Opens wrapper, moves dildo over for a moment]
Now the next thing you want to do is make sure you have the condom rolling in the right direction. If you have it turned wrong, it won’t roll down. If it happens that you forget to check and you place the condom on the penis only to realize it is the wrong direction? Don’t flip it over and use it anyway. Why? Because you can still get pregnant or transmit a STI/HIV from the pre-cum that is on the tip of the penis (if it is a dildo that’s a different story, will be okay). So we suggest that you throw it away and open a new condom instead. [Holds condom to camera for a close-up showing the roll].
So we have that in the right direction. Ok, next you make sure you squeeze the tip between your fingers. Hold that between fingers/thumb while rolling down the condom with the other hand/fingers. [Proceeds to do that on dildo, then holds dildo up to camera showing the tip with no air in it].
So, you hold the tip to prevent air from getting stuck- which could make the condom pop/break, and you also want room (for use with penis) to “catch” the sperm/semen that comes out during ejaculation.
After ejaculating, make sure you move out of mouth/vagina/anus right away. Don’t allow penis to become soft/flaccid- because that can result in the condom slipping off and leaking fluid in the mouth/vagina/anus. And when pulling out, hold the condom against the penis base/dildo base so that it doesn’t slip off. [Demonstrates holding condom against base and pulling out of hole.]
Then move away from the person/body and remove condom, tie it up, and throw it in the trash.
So that’s it! Thumbs up! Stay safe!