HUGE EBAY HAUL [P1] – NeonCreep

Part 1.
I decided to gather all my items from ebay that I have been buying from October 2013.
Now I see how much stuff I really don’t need, but I get it just because it’s awesome or it makes me feel good haha!


Cat wool hat:

Tank top:

Platform shoes: Lost the link..

Rilakkuma hoodie:–Gf4sHvo2h1LJztSvM1xA

Black and white striped leggings:

Purple wool cap:

Combat shoes:

Owl purse:

Hammer necklace:
Link is lost, but if you search for “Thor hammer necklace” you will find many different and cool looking ones!

Deer phone case:
Don’t seem that they sell it anymore.

White phone case:

Cat phone case:

Supernatural necklace:

White choker necklace:

Fake glasses:

Deer necklace:

Winged statement necklace:
Lost link

Yin and Yang necklace:

Elf ears:
Can’t find link

Cute wallet:

Blue sunglasses:

Brown sunglasses:
Unsure what the product name is.

Harry Potter bracelet:

Clear crystal charm:

Amethyst necklace:

Galaxy moon necklace:

Ipad case cover:

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