HuMn Aluminum Wallet Review with Builtin RFID Blocker Mini and HuMn Wallet 2 Versions

This is the humn aluminum wallet to eliminate the need for a big and bulk wallet. It features a minimalistic design made of two aluminum plates attached with a heavy duty nylon strap to hold them together. With the strap stretching all the way around you get double sided protection and two spots to hold your cash or business/gift cards. On the inside for the mini design you get enough storage to hold your essential credit cards and for the humn wallet 2 you get multiple individual pockets to not only hold your essential cards but your less used ones as well. Really both wallets are generally the same with the small difference of one being bigger and having a divider. The best part about these wallets is that they come builtin with RFID blocking technology to protect your identity and important credentials placed on your credit card.