“I Would Not Be Able to Defend Myself” (Social Experiment)

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A young woman volunteered to help us with our social experiment on women’s self-defense. She accepted the challenge of learning how to defend herself if a male attacker approached her.

If an attacker approaches you and begins talking to you, the first thing you must do is bring your arms up. You must maintain a casual and calm stance while doing so. Try to diffuse the tension, or mention that someone is coming to get you. Your attacker might worry and back off if he hears that someone is coming for you.

If he does not stop, and grabs your hair, the first thing you should do is strike him with your hands right in his face. You can defend yourself by using palm strikes with your hands, or even using your nails and slashing towards his face. What’s important is that you do not fight him, but rather fight him off.

With that said, remember that just because you’re a woman, that does not mean you can’t defend yourself against a male attacker. By striking at the proper moments and being smart about the situation, you can escape safely.

Remember your objective is not to attack him and fight him, it’s to get away and survive the situation.

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Stay safe,

Nick Drossos and the team