Iceland on Skateboard: Day 1 Hofn to Jokulsaron Glacier lagoon

78 km skate from Hofn to Jokulsaron

Day 0
Arrive at keflavik airport, took a bus to reykavik then another day to Hofn. Infamous iceland weather arrive soon once i touched Myik bus terminal to catch a Hofn. Shocked to know the bus to Hofn just 450 km cost $100. Thank God i am skating back. Thought is a direct bus trip, it turn out to be several transfers. Not expecting a bus transfer, i dropped my wallet in the Bus 51 during a bus transfer. luckily it contained small icelandic change. Bulk of my currency and credit card is in my body pouch. arrive at hofn 12 midnight, camped at a campsite. campsite was closed, i just found a spot and camp.

Day 1 7am
Woke up and do my registration at my campsite to pay for last night stay. should have ran off instead of paying $10. Waited till 8am for N1 pettrol station to open to get my food supplies. Chatted with the people at campsites. Some of them i will meet eventually many times along the way. After all, we are on the same route, especially the Thai Lady i kept on bumping into her. Story later.

Settled my supplies and charged my electrical stuff, ready to skate off. Roads wasnt that smooth. I have to keep looking for tiny strip of tarmac left in the narrow roads. Along the way, cars stopped to take videos and pictures of me. I am probably the next Iceland Attractions, surpassing the mountains and waterfalls. Even the drivers would stop to hand me water and snacks. this is so encouraging. I realised i dont need to spend money haha.

Stopped along the way for photo taking. Water streams are a good source of water for me to refill. Pure untouched icelandic water coming from mountains, it just cant get any fresher.

at 65km, stopped at Halls town. When i say town, it is just a couple of houses, accounting to populations probably to the number of fingers and toes i have. Ate traditional lamb stew and Arctic Char. Travelling, u dont have to suffer as a pauper. Scared myself to shit, i cant find my credit card. Having to lose my wallet the day earlier, losing my card in a seemingly expensive country will be a near apocalypse. Even the restaurant staff join in to help me search for my card. Eventually it is found in my knee pad.

Checked with the restaurant about the distance left to my day destination Jokulsarion 13km away. But that 13km seems so far away Everytime, i thought i have arrived, it turned out to false hope. finally, reached Glacier lagoon. Man, that is what i came for. I skated 78 km, seeing the icebergs floating is just breath taking. That is why i do my skate treks, I just have to earned to get a view of these through my hard skating. is just so sweet.

Camped at the black sand beach, with crystal like iceberg surrounding, felt like diamonds glittering in the beach.