Indy Kitteh is no Scaredy Cat! #IndyRef #YesScot

For those that don’t know, we’ve had many scare stories recently about how Scottish Independence will be bad for your wallet and for your safety, but campaigners for a Yes vote have been trashing the stories fast, and some newspapers are even starting to call Westminster/BT on it. The latest being the increased Mobile Charges. People living here would get hit with roaming charges, especially if they live near the border. Despite the EU passing the law banning Roaming Charges across Europe. And the BBC were still printing the story 3 days later when Vince Cable makes speeches saying Independence will cost jobs. Westminster jobs mostly.

So Westminster sends out all these not so scary stories, then we hear Darling and Cameron give speeches about feeling the Union, and talking about times when we all felt happy, such as the end of WWII, The Olympics…trying to evoke warm and fuzzy feelings in people, and have them associate that with a no vote. And telling you that you can protect all this wonderful stuff by simply voting no, will be empowering you that you are somehow defending a worthy cause. But it’s just not true.

People end up suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Actually loving those that keep them oppressed and even agreeing to enforce misery and suffering upon others, with some confused delusion that it’s somehow good for them and for the greater good.

Fear can be a popular way to motivate people. But fear fades away once you understand it.
As soon as you take the ‘scare’ out of the stories, they become just that. Stories. And that’s when you see past the lies you start to see all the money being drained out of our public purse and passed to private hands. G4S and Serco anyone?

The whole country is being mugged. And it’s high time we put a stop to it.