Inseparable – A JB Love Story [Chapter 26]

Hey, so I was just sitting here and stuff, and I figured, hey, why not post another chapter of Inseparable? And, so, here it is.

Jaydlyn: I know. You know you’re gonna need a disguise to get outta here.
Kevin: You really wouldn’t do that to me.
Jaydlyn: Trevor, yes. Joe, yes. You, I don’t think so. You wouldn’t be able to handle it.
Kevin: God, thank you.
Jaydlyn: Yeah. There’s a place next door and they have, you know…stuff.
Kevin: Very funny.
Jaydlyn: Hey, I had to take the moment.
Kevin: Anyways, *digs into pocket* Here’s some money. Please go get something without flowers.
Jaydlyn: Yeah, I’ll try.
*She goes to the store next door and comes back fifteen minutes later.*
Jaydlyn: Here, I got you a loose hoodie and jeans. And some beast converse. And some beast glasses.
Kevin: Cool, I’ll go change.
Jaydlyn: Hurry, I want Starbucks.
*He comes back out five minutes later.*
Kevin: This is so not me.
Jaydlyn: That’s the point. Now, let’s go. *to cashier* Thanks for letting us hide.
*The two end up finding a cool new tambourine, sunglasses, and shoes for Joe. An hour later they went to Starbucks.*
Jaydlyn: Um, can I have a white chocolate mocha, large, please?
Kevin: And can I have a chai latte with extra chai, no water and with skim milk, please?
Starbucks Lady: Yep. *leans forward and whispers* Are you Kevin Jonas?
Kevin: Maybe.
SL: I thought so. The drink is on the house.
Kevin: Thank you.
Jaydlyn: Nice.
SL: Here you are.
Kevin: Thanks.
Jaydlyn: Now I have to go dump a ton of sugar in here.
Kevin: Gosh, that smells so good.
Jaydlyn: It tastes better than it smells. No doubt.
Kevin: Can I try some?
Jaydlyn: If I can try some of yours.
Kevin: Fine.
Jaydlyn: I gotta dump my sugar first. *Two minutes later* Perfect!
Kevin: Yeah, and now I have wrinkles. That took forever.
Jaydlyn: It’s all good. Here.
Kevin: *takes a sip* Not as good as mine. I mean, it’s pretty good, but, mine’s better. Here.
Jaydlyn: *takes a sip* No way. This could taste better with some more sugar.
Kevin: You’re crazy. It’s perfectly fine.
Jaydlyn: Nope. I’m telling you. Put one more pack of sugar in there.
Kevin: Psh, no.
Jaydlyn: Dude, I’m serious, it’ll taste better.
Kevin: Fine, but if it tastes bad, you owe me another one.
Jaydlyn: You didn’t pay in the first place.
Kevin: *pours another pack of sugar in the coffee and takes a sip*
Jaydlyn: Well?
Kevin: You win.
Jaydlyn: Yes! Told you so. Come on, let’s go.

Ha, I gotcha. I wouldn’t do that to Kev. Anyways, the boys were AWESOME on Ellen yesterday! Amazing! Be ready for new fanfic on Saturday!
Oh, here’s another title idea for it: “Who Would’ve Thought?”
What do you think?

Question: What is your FAVE Jonas Brothers song? It can be off ANY song that they have ever recorded, including the very first solo one by Nick.