Introducing Gamer Food Hotdog Sandwich. Prepare for a mouth foodgasm on the cheap!

My name is Jerry and I was a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft for 15 years working on the Windows Operating System.
Please Like, Favorite & Subscribe… Are you hungry? Are you forever alone? Are you a wizard with the keyboard but not so much with a frying pan? Well here is your solution in the form of an easy to make Hotdog Sandwich. This video will teach you the vital skills to survive when women folk are not handy to provide for your every culinary need!

– Hot Dogs (2 dogs)
– Bread (2 slices)
– Heat source (literally anything that produces fire)
– Condiments (use what you got)

Step 1 : Make sure wife, girlfriend is not home or she might stop you.
Step 2 : Microwave the hot dogs until they are in a nice pool of lard
Step 3 : Toast bread (use oven if toaster oven went AWOL)
Step 4 : Dump tasty liquids on the dogs
Step 5 : Put it all together
Step 6 : Stuff it in your mouth and say ‘Yum’ a whole bunch.

CAUTION: This sandwich is not healthy, it may deceive you with it’s super healthy look and feel but don’t be fooled. This is about as unhealthy as eating styerfoam packing peanuts.

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