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SPEAKER: RICHARD KENDALL, Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation at Security Conference March 11th: Game Changing Technologies: The Face and Future of Security – Key Themes: Biometrics, Biodefense and Cybersecurity.

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About: FEHSF

Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation is a Non-Profit 501 c (3) Corporation formed to assist the Federal Law Enforcement Community (ATF, CBP, DEA, FAMS, FBI, ICE, Secret Service, U S Marshal’s) and their families in times of need especially related to Line of Duty deaths along with health or medical issues involving family members. Our Country needs these courageous men and women who wear the uniform in our ongoing fight against domestic and international terrorism and in the general enforcement of our Country’s Laws.

FEHSF supports the men and women in Federal Law Enforcement who provide the front line of defense who dedicate themselves to the protection and preservation of our way of life, upholding the laws of our country and protecting our citizens and borders. Aside from the Foundation’s Grants Program providing financial assistance often within 24 hours, the Foundation has also established a College Education Fund to benefit children left behind. Our friends in Federal Law Enforcement need us and they deserve our support. We are honored to serve them.