Its A New Day by Vision (UDW 7) (Prod. RedHook Noodles)


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Undadawgz weekly #7 !! beat produced by redhooknoodles dude is crazy with beats, i hope everyone enjoys the track, some real shit !
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Undadawgz !
Shout outs to: Ruby A.K.A. Effective
and the homie Moises
n Alyssa
my bad i made the video right after but i got u guys next time !! i promise !

Verse 1:
its a new day for me/
i remember being 16 waking up to the smell of blunts burning/
mom bitching at me for going out late/
comin back smelling like weed n paint, for heaven sake/
this kid needs to quit learning things the hard way/
but graffiti was my way to escape/
paid my dues, almost droppin out of school/
but i knew knowledge way my only tool/
if i was too make it on my own 2 feet/
promise to never admit defeat,/
mama was right but one thing, if u believe u can achieve/
what u set out to be/
staring at my wall, is this path worth taking at all/
so many nights waking up with sweat on my palms/
spray paint on my clothes, wearing as kush my cologne/
music is my heart n soul/
if i have a guarding angel, just know,
thank you being with me on thoses nights alone/
where i was close to loosing control/
i was dress to kill at will i guess thats why its called a wardrobe/
even tho am stress, i still feel blessed, closed my eyes to rest/
but images keep playing back in my head,/
tossing n turning in my bed/
i wasnt me i promise , but the louder i yell,/
it seem like it was getting worst before it got well/
only time could tell if am goin to heaven or hell,/
till then i bid u farewell/

* Chorus *

Verse 2:
what r u doing? ahaha
go find a job ! No !
get ur ass up ! Stay there !
why r u even rapping ? Why !

took me a minute, to admit it, so am tryin to stay committed,
living on a budget/
flies coming outta my wallet/,
cant find a job, need a walk to take my mind off of it/
dont worry mama i got this/

i promise, ill keep doing my best, am never giving up, its a new day for me, why do u want this? Tell Me !

theres no mistaking, am taking my life back/
all i need is one track/
to play back to know the past is the past/
no time to relax/
grab my backpack/
n start a new begining, love my tumbleweed city
antelope valley its not much to say but its worth mentioning/
where i was born n raise/
proud to be a desert baby to this day/
time to break outta my cage, turn the page/
my metaphysical energy leaves/
n music corsing thru my veins/
left me unseeing falling and now bleeding/
the profits are receeding with or with out feeling/
the only thing left is to smash the glass ceiling/
and the way i’ve been feeling close but not kneeling/
i cant back down no signs to be yielding/
the veil has been r heeling/
conceiling and revieling/
im wheeling around for a second chance stealing/

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