Its that TIME! 100 Sub CONTEST! Pls Read

Hey there pipers! Quick run down of what you need to do to enter. I know the video is long but there is a lot I wanted to explain (I cut A lot out also). If you have any question PM me.
PLEASE READ EVERYTHING! Sorry its so long but it will be worth it I promise.
Requirements for both Tiers
1.Subbed to me
2.18 years or Older
a) Hopefully you are a active pipe community member
3. CREATE A VR AND LINK IT TO THIS VIDEO!! *IMPORTANT* *READ* I edited this part out accidentally trying to shorten the video

Tier 1 Question:Whats In your Wallet!

Tier 2 Questions and tasks:
Q 1: A meteor is gonna crash into the Earth in 2 weeks. What do you do? = 1 entry

Q2: What else can or do you use your pipe for other than smoking? = 1 entry

Q3: Show Me your “Special” pipe if you have one. (example I have a Boswell JUMBO that is my Christmas pipe that I will only smoke on Christmas and a St. Patty pipe I will only smoke on that day. Also Someone had a pipe that he first smoked when his child was born and will smoke on his/her birthday) = 1 ENTRY – THIS ONE IS NOT IN THE VIDEO BUT WILL COUNT!

TASK: For those who are In a relationship “Flitch Day!”
Present your Loved one / Significant Other with Bacon (meat product) whilst speaking the WORDS!
“We swear by custom of confession,
We ne’er made nuptial transgression;
Nor, since we were married man and wife,
By household brawls, or contentious strife,
Or otherwise at bed or board,
Offended each other in deed or in word,
Or since the parish clerk said, Amen,
Wished ourselves unmarried again,
Or in twelvemonth and a day,
Repented in thought in any way,
But continue true in thought and desire,
As when we joined hands in holy quire.”

This gets your 3 entry’s

Task for our “Single and loving it” peeps
July is Air Conditioning appreciation month. Celebrate by doing someting nice for your (a) A/C. Flowers, song, some kind words…anything be creative.

This is worth 3 entry’s
You can only get ENTRY’s for one TASK not BOTH. All the other questions count as an entry. So if you do EVERYTHING you can get 6 entry’s for Tier 2 and everyone only gets 1 entry for the Tier 1.

Tier 1 will be a random DRAW!
Tier 2 will have 2 people who can win and their prizes will be pretty much the same (I do alter the prizes depending on gender im not sexist I just dont thing guys would appreciate a pink coin purse as much as a lady and age)
I and some friends will pick 1 winner and the other will be random!