Jorge Desmond – I’m On One (ft. Drake)

I’m back and better than ever after a long hiatus. I’m 16 now, so that just means I have to step up my game. And I sure did on this track.
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Two white cups and I call that milk
Y’all other Negroes ain’t of my ilk
I’m a Black fedora wearer
Latino Michael Cera
Saving Ramona Flowers, you negroes be Gideon
…Dropping verbal bombs, could’ve sworn you were Libyan
JD vs. The World, in this feeling Superbad
you playing for the cubs, in other words you Sosa’d
Or Sosa’d, just as long as you Sammy
My spitting’s quite annoying, even microphones can’t stand me.
I’m on ones and twos standing on some number twelves
Christmas massacre, y’all should just kill yo elves
That needed oars, how you gon’ row your boat
This life be sink or swim, unfortunately gassed heads still float…
Oh hey there, it’s me again,
You saying that I Kane do it like Citizen
I just tell ya watch me while I’m shocking g’s
You catching feelings, all I do is catch my z’s

I’m on Juan, mexican piggybacking
You gonna have fun tryna catch me slacking
Just saying, cause I never do
I got it covered I be doing what a rubber do
I x these players like the letter after double u
I’m a nice guy but I be getting into trouble too
I should’ve been a comedian I put the laughter into slaughter
Dads be getting mad they think I’m messing with they daughter
I leave ’em hooked like an enemy of Peter Pan
Flyer than a choice between food and boys, Soup or Man
I’m on one but no e
So no days off, you know me
Voice a getting a little hoarse but it sure ain’t a pony
Finishing dudes like they headed to Suomi
No way his rhymes sweeter than mark in iceland
Flow so cold I sound Scandinavian

Ladies love polyglots that’s pourquoi me dão un beso
Your wallet on that Olsen twins, missing a lotta peso
Girls don’t like a man sitting on an anorexic
whose swag is like a substitute, no one respects it
Then people talking bout mine, saying I should be improving it
Don’t know what they talking bout, the word itself’s I’m proving it
Wrong, I switched my flow to a delayed pattern
Yours comes out Uranus I see your words displayed on Saturn
I’m killing this space I put the murk up into Mercury
I could probably see in the dark with all these dudes out there that N.V. me
Night Vision, trying to find the girl of my dreams in Havana
Time’s running out so imma switch up to Savanna
Wildebeest show up if she takes off zebra?
I ain’t having none of that, I ain’t Lion nor a Cheetah
Stay away from beef, now I guess I’m working for PETA
Now make like a social network and follow the leader