Judo Mom Kicks My Ass @ UFC Party : BarnaVlog 18

My name is Jerry and I was a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft for 15 years working on the Windows Operating System.
Come watch me get my ass kicked by a 53 year old mother of 3. This tiny little lady really takes me down like David and Goliath with her Judo moves!

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I didn’t even mean to make a vlog today I was just going to a friends house to watch UFC with a bunch of awesome people, have some beers, and shout at the TV but afterwards we were all pumped up and Dan’s wife Teresa (who I met for the first time) was up for some choke outs since she knew Judo. I watched her choke my friend Greg and my friend Chris and then it was my turn but she wanted me to fight back and her husband said ‘Go for it!’ he wanted to see it 😀 So I started out a little easy but about 1 minute in I was giving it my all and she ultimately got me with the leg and let me tell you I will about pissing my pants when she didn’t let up after the tap and my friends being the awesome friends they were wanted to see me pass out haha 😀 At any rate I wasn’t hurt badly and it was a hell of a lot of fun and a total adrenaline rush.

Now Teresa needs to go take a shower because I sweat all over her and Dan didn’t like that 😛 Hope you guys enjoyed the video, I have some great friends and as a result this video was possible because I didn’t even take my vlogging camera over there since it was a ‘me’ night yet here we are releasing another entertaining video. Make sure you come over to Twitter and let me know what you think about the video as well as in the comments below!

Jerry (aka. Barnacules)

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