Jujube Tokiperky hobobe: how I currently pack my hobobe

My first packing video with definitely more to come! So stay tuned and subscribe!

I forgot to mention that I usually keep a mini Burt’s bees lotion in the mommy pocket. Also I will probably be replacing the pacifier & Clorox wipes temporarily with The Honest Company wipes as a trial run to see how I like the honest wipes. If it works out then they stay if not then back to the other wipes I go.

Shout out to all the mommy’s here on YT who make awesome hbb videos that I love!! (Wouldn’t have been able to pack my hbb without them)
P.s. Idk how u ladies shoot & show one handed!!

Kaili & Dolce fobs by Fobs By Andrea

Tokiperky butipod covers by Brochu Smith


via YouTube Capture