Kavaj Munich Wallet: Slim and Sophisticated!

I’ve been a big fan of the German company Kavaj ever since I reviewed their Kavaj Dallas Wallet Case for the iPhone 6 Plus. Kavaj produces quality leather products for very reasonable prices, and their new Munich Wallet is no exception. It is a bit of a departure for them, in that it is their first non-tech accessory. To my knowledge, all their other products have been for cases for phones, tablets or laptops, so they are breaking new ground with the Munich Wallet…and as far as I’m concerned, the Munich is a complete success. It is simple, slim, and sophisticated in its design, and assumes that the user has much more need for card storage than for carrying cash. For me, this is perfect, as I use my credit and debit cards for nearly everything, and carry only a tiny amount of cash for emergencies. I found when I switched from my old wallet to the Kavaj Munich, I was able to move over all my cards and my minimal cash with ease. The resulting footprint of the Kavaj Munich was much smaller than what I had been carrying, and freed up quite a bit of space in my crossbody bag!

1. 9 card slots provide significant card storage.
2. Genuine cowhide leather construction.
3. Matches your other Kavaj tech accessories, if you have any 🙂
4. Unisex design looks stylish for either sex.
5. Slim form factor slips very easily into pants pocket or purse. Ends wallet obesity!

1. If you like to carry lots of cash with you, this wallet is not ideal. Cash storage is more limited than in most wallets I have used.

Conclusion: The Kavaj Munich is a great product if you tend to use more cards than cash. The design is very slim and secure, and cards and cash are easily accessible. Available directly from Kavaj or from Amazon for $34.90, the Munich Wallet is available in Cognac or Black leather:



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