Las Vegas Showgirls Of Magic Show

Showgirls have been a part of Las Vegas since the Rat Pack days and before, but generally in window dressing capacity. This is one of the first real attempts to capitalize on the complete performing talents of a set of showgirls and actually make them the stars of a magic revue. Its worked unusually well as they run through a variety of eyebrow-raising illusions such as Houdinis Metamorphosis, levitation, and a double rendition of sawing the girl in half with an interesting clothing switch thrown in.

The topless performances (later show) tend to draw more of the party crowd specifically looking for the classy adult entertainment that Las Vegas is now known for. The dancers are naturally beautiful, fun, sexy, and tasteful. Although NOT a strip club atmosphere, the topless show is a good alternative to hitting a strip club for that group of guys out on the town. Everyone will have fun, no one will have to lie to their wife, and the ticket price still leaves plenty of cash in your wallet.

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