Lavish Reynolds and Philando Castile – July 4, 2016

Two days before the fatal shooting, both are seen here smoking a blunt in a vehicle in front of Reynolds’s 5 year old daughter. This should call into question her version of what happened, given the fact that she admitted to having marijuana in the car with her the night of the shooting.

If the officer murdered Castile in cold blood, then the officer should be punished to fullest extent of the law. The point of posting this is not say it’s ok to murder people for making stupid decisions. What I hope people get from this video is there is a lot more to the story than what we’ve been spoon-fed. Yes, both Reynolds and Castile had a history of driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. We know from her video after the shooting occurred that she admits to having marijuana in the car with her. Why is this relevant? Because if Castile was high and/or drunk at the time, it’s very likely that his judgment and reaction time were impaired. We can reasonably assume that at least Reynolds was under the influence when the shooting took place, because she kept referring to the officer as being “Chinese”. He is Hispanic. Now, put yourself in the police officer’s shoes. You pull someone over who very closely matches the description of a recent armed robbery suspect. The assumption, without even asking, is that the person you’re pulling over might have a gun on them. When you pull him over, he makes mention that he has a gun. We know that from Reynolds’ own words. The officer asks that Castile keep his hands visible. Now, if Castile is high he might reach anyway, perhaps not with the intention of grabbing his gun. Should that matter? Again, you’re pulling someone over who you have good reason to believe committed an armed robbery. You tell him not to reach for anything, wallet or otherwise, but he does so anyway. Do you wait to find out what he decides to grab before you open fire? Before you answer that, I encourage you to do a video search of police officers getting shot and killed in similar situations by people they’ve pulled over. Not saying what the officer did was right or wrong and to what degree his actions were justified. I’m only saying that’s there’s a lot more that needs to be determined before that’s decided.

This is how quickly an incident can turn deadly for police officers.