LD West Leather Holster Review

If you’re looking for a different way to carry your wallet and cell phone, this might be the holster for you!

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Today we’re going to review this leather holster. This is a leather holster for your iPhone that was featured in our WTH episode 1 and after that LDWest was awesome enough to send us one to red one to review. Yea. Red

This leather holster is actually quite useful and fairly comfortable to wear. Once you get use to it. On the flip side, people are going to start to look at you funny.

Based on my time with this product, I give it a thumbs up, I really do like it (other than the color that is). I don’t really have much else to compare this leather holster against but I am quite impressed with the holster as a trendier, maybe even eclectic accessory for your iPhone or any sort of smart device.

In terms of design, the materials and the craftsmanship of the product is quite nice. Getting to your devices and wallet is quite simple, you can always try to swap out your own wallet into the sleeve and adjusting and the holster is generally a one size fits all in terms of how it sits on your body. LD West has a few different colors with this holster but they sent me the red one which constantly reminds me Teds really awesome cowboy boots in How I met your mother.

The wallet that is included is made to fit the pocket and for the most part, you can put a lot of stuff into the wallet though it may not fit into the holster. I’m guessing that everything looses up over time so that it does fit but if you do get it, you’re going to have to figure out which cards to keep. For me personally, I had to leave out my Lego VIP card.

There are these metal pieces that allow you to adjust the height of the pockets and you can get different sizes of pockets to fit different sizes of devices. I have the large version which fits my 6 Plus quite well. I don’t think it’s going to handle anything larger than a 6 Plus and a slim case for the most part.

I personally would have it right below chest height. I tried a couple of different heights and I found the closer the holster is to your armpits, the less comfortable it got and if you’re planning on using this under a sports like hoody, having it higher will result in leather holster nipples. That height will also minimize the holster poking out if you’re wearing a suit jacket.

There is one thing I would change on this holster and has to do with the functionality of whatever is in the pockets so I’ll talk about in a bit.

In terms of protection of your device, once its in the holster and the latch is secured there’s a good chance its not falling out. If the latch isn’t secured and you’re bending over, your device is going to fall out. There isn’t any padding on the inside of the case but it’s all smooth leather so it’s generally not going to scratch your device.

In terms of functionality, its surprisingly really awesome. When I first tried this product, I didn’t really think it would do much other than make somebody else’s day “OMG what is that guy wearing?”

The best part about this product is that it frees up your pockets. I personally don’t like having things in my pant pockets when I’m sitting so I have to take me wallet and phone out and sometimes I end up putting my stuff in places that I don’t usually remember and then you freak out when you have to leave in a huff. With this holster, I know exactly where it is, all the time. It’s not in the way and it’s easily accessible.

This is a small realization but to me, having not to worry about where critical pieces of my life every time I get up from my desk is so nice. It’s just always on you. Not in your jacket, not in your bag, on your body, all the time.

Now, the one thing on my wish list for the LD West holster is to have magnetic snaps rather than actual buttons. I only say this because when you’re using this holster and you’re being awesome, the motion of removing your device makes you feel like a badass. But they putting it in again, you have to snap it, it’s like buttoning up a shirt and on larger devices, its a little more clumsy.

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