Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D – Part 34 – All Night Mask

Let’s Play Majora’s Mask 3D Part 34.

We got the giant wallet, so we can hold 500 rupees, so we can buy the all night mask, so we can beat the game and get the Fierce Diety Mask! Let’s head to the curiosity shop and buy up that all night mask! Then we’ll go talk to an old lady who calls us Tortus about stuff. Anju’s Grandmother? She’ll hook us up with some heart pieces.

I’m really excited about our Let’s Play of The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D for the Nintendo 3DS!

Lin & I are big Zelda fans, but we’ve never completed Majora’s Mask. We’ve been wanting to play it on GameFace, but we had a feeling they were making a remake of Majora’s Mask, after Ocarina of Time 3d was so successful, so we held off on starting our Let’s Play until now!

So here’s a quick Majora’s Mask 3DS review after our first impressions. The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D is looking amazing. If you look at Majora’s Mask 3d VS Majora’s Mask 64, you really will see a big jump in graphics, frame rate, and a lot of little touch ups along the way. I’m stoked to experience them with you guys. This will be a semi-blind Let’s Play of Majora’s Mask 3DS. I played it when I was a kid but got frustrated after losing my data when I finished the Great Bay Temple. Lin’s only played the very beginning of the game.

People praise Majora’s Mask for good reason. It’s a very different entry in the Zelda franchise with a much darker tone than we’re use to. I mean, there’s some disturbing stuff in here for a Zelda game. Skull Kid himself is a badass enemy equipped with Majora’s Mask, and seeing the moon towering overhead all the time, getting closer and closer as the days go by is absolutely terrifying. Knowing that your death is imminent. There’s a ton of awesome sidequests to do dealing with the lives of the people who all know the end is on it’s way. And the sidequest operate of an in game clock, so you need to time up your meetings to get the right results. The music in Majora’s Mask is classic Zelda goodness, with that dark tone present to keep you on edge.

The gameplay is top notch Zelda action! The revamped item system is a perfect fit on the 3DS. Most of the original HUD has been moved down to the touch screen, leaving the upper screen mostly clear of graphic overlays. Playing as Young Link, Deku Link, Goron Link, and Zora Link are all fantastic. I always loved the variety to gameplay that the mask transformation’s offered. The bosses are Great. Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, Twinmold, and the 3 forms or Majora’s Mask, including Majora’s Incarnation and Majora’s Wrath. The mini bosses are as follows: Dinolfos, Gekko & Snapper, Wizzrobe, Gerudo Pirate, Wart, Gekko & Mad Jelly, Skull Keeta, Iron Knuckle, Big Poe, Igos du Ikana Servants, King Igos du Ikana, Garo Master, Gomess, and Poe Sisters, the dungeons are fun. We’ve got the Woodfall Temple, Snowhead Temple, Great Bay Temple, and Stone Tower Temple. Excited to go through them all with you guys!

The bottom screen displays the item inventory and map. It also displays Link’s Heart Containers, Magic Meter, and Rupees. Owl Statues can be activated by just checking them and are now used to permanently save the game. Some Owl Statues were relocated and a new type of statues, called Feather Statues, were also added. The “Song of Double Time” lets Link to jump to a specific hour of the current day.

Overall I’m loving it! It looks amazing on the 3DS, and I’m really happy that I was lucky enough to grab one of the Majora’s Mask Special edition new 3ds xl’s. It looks amazing. I wish I could have got the Special Edition of Majora’s Mask 3D that came with the Skull Kid figure, but it just sold out way too fast. You can check out our unboxing of the Majora’s Mask New 3DS xl in the unboxing video!

I’m hoping that we will be able to do a complete Majora’s Mask 3Ds walkthrough and collect 100% of all the masks. I really want to see Fierce Diety Link in action!

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