LESBIAN WALLET – 05 – Superhero Walter

Taken from Lesbian Wallet’s “Elk” EP (2016), available at https://lesbianwallet.bandcamp.com for free download
Track 5 out of 5: “Superhero Walter” (lyrics below)
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Nobody liked Walter or his ass-like face
He has no friends or if he had ’em
They no longer care about him

(He’s) got a steady job that pays real well
And if you search for him in the week-ends
You can find him at his desk

While he’s wasting his life away
There’s no one home to comfort him
When he wakes up before the day

Here goes Superhero Walter
4 o’clock – early in the morning
Waiting for the ice-cold train

His thoughts run faster than his flesh
Faster than the railroad demon in which his flash is cast
Dark, green regretful thoughts of a distant time and space
Piling up, to the memory of her face

‘Cause that morning in the elevator
The people who knew him
Noticed a brand new smile upon his face

“Have you heard of Superhero Walter?”
“I swear I saw him –
He was diving from the top floor
Flying through the air”

But he was falling down

Superhero Walter

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