Was someone there? Behind the bushes
Creepin’ on ya as you walk
Was it all in your head, a faint suggestion?
Was it all just a flicker of your eyes?

You keep going slowly through the empty park
Feeling heavier somehow
You didn’t never understand, did you?
You never understood the spell you’ve been under –

Since the folks at work first noticed the blankness in your eyes
And everybody shuddered back at your smiles
‘Cause He’s a Slow – Slowrider
Coming around at your place

Your heart skips a beat as the key breaks, and the door handle falls apart
You heard a scream and then a gunshot, there’s an evil-looking twist in the dark
You make a run for it, in the grip of horror, but you fall and twist your ankle
The endless chase is ending fast, he aims down at your head – and – SHOOTS

You wake up sweating on your death-bed
But you couldn’t redeem yourself
in the eyes of the Slowrider – the monster you’re turning in

I couldn’t avert my eyes
As the Demon devours her body and mind
Your hand reaches for the knife
Kill the Bird-God before – my – eyes


-Rehearsal 20150302

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