Life in Shanghai 2016

Just a pretty basic day-to-day life stuff with me and my aweeesome bestie Tamara! I put some Chinese in so people can see when we use Chinese what we are saying and keywords that are good to know.

Table of Contents:
0:19 瓷釉 瓷玻 porcelain glaze/porcelain
1:08 Cafe, ordering food in China
羊角 croissant 这个 this 多少钱 how much?
2:17 支付宝 alipay (payment method in China)
5:28 Emergency numbers in China 110 (police) 120 (ambulance)
5:40 Drivers in China, Rich people (right of way doesn’t exist)
6:30 Bus Stop in China (notice, no English), people whispering when they see us
7:13 A small character lesson
7:24 Getting on the bus, announcements on the bus
10:14 Spitting in China
12:24 Magazine/Newspaper stand
14:49 Huaihai middle road
15:11 Wulumuqi road (road Avocado Lady is on)
Look for the stand with all the foreigners!
Unfortunately ran out of memory on the camera,
hopefully next time we can show you the famous Avocado lady!