Londonderry school unable to construct palatable lunch?

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Partial transcript of text… that appears in the vid (there may be unlisted gaps between sentences):
‘I go to a Londonderry, NH school board meeting… to have most of my human rights concerns ignored or avoided, apparently.

Eventually the feel-good section of the meeting ends. One educrat makes a presentation to the board explaining how the district, with its taxes and virtual monopoly on lunch, can’t make ends meet. A board member has his own concerns about the lunches.

I want to question the educrat who this guy is railing against. As the meeting ends, he and nearly all the officials leave through the administrative offices rather than heading home via public hallway. I do catch up to the educrat, however.

Well that’s a little unfair on my part; it’s not in question whether they can make a lunch. The question seems to be whether the lunch is palatable and why the schools are having trouble with their “lunch budget.” ‘

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