Louis Vuitton Wallet Collection | Part I

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Dear YouTuber,

This was a requested video/review from:

– fitjock1: for wallet collection
– MsNinaStyle: for Sarah wallet
– Wannainin: for Sarah wallet
– Sebpoeproductions: for Hélène wallet
– billynjack: for Insolite and Sarah wallet
– Wynn H: for Hélène wallet
– Mrs Lawer: for wallet collection
– MrsNitaMichelle: for Zippy compact wallet
– BeyondTheGlitter: for the key chain
– NikolaGagaGleek: for round coin purse
– CulturaPA: for round coin purse
– akiraamina: for Alexandra wallet
– akiraamina: for Zippy compact wallet
– MrMMLV: for round coin purse
– Melissa Unity: for Insolite wallet
– Susan Wichester: for round coin purse
– dizas 2: for wallet collection
– Maria Regalado: for wallet collection
– Cocacola988: for Zippy coin purse
– Tammy4533: for round coin purse
– Bagielove B: for Emilie and Sarah wallet
– Gott510: for Sarah wallet

Please excuse me if I missed someone…
Thank you so much for your request. I hope you enjoy watching this video.

Wallets featured in this video:
Louis Vuitton Round Coin Purse in monogram
Louis Vuitton Hélène wallet in monogram
Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse in damier azur
Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse in vernis pomme d’amour
Homepage: www.louisvuitton.com

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