Louis Vuitton Wallet Collection | Part III

Dear YouTuber,

This was a requested video/review from:

– fitjock1: for wallet collection
– MsNinaStyle: for Sarah wallet
– Wannainin: for Sarah wallet
– Sebpoeproductions: for Hélène wallet
– billynjack: for Insolite and Sarah wallet
– Wynn H: for Hélène wallet
– Mrs Lawer: for wallet collection
– MrsNitaMichelle: for Zippy compact wallet
– BeyondTheGlitter: for the key chain
– NikolaGagaGleek: for round coin purse
– CulturaPA: for round coin purse
– akiraamina: for Alexandra wallet
– akiraamina: for Zippy compact wallet
– MrMMLV: for round coin purse
– Melissa Unity: for Insolite wallet
– Susan Wichester: for round coin purse
– dizas 2: for wallet collection
– Maria Regalado: for wallet collection
– Cocacola988: for Zippy coin purse
– Tammy4533: for round coin purse
– Bagielove B: for Emilie and Sarah wallet
– Gott510: for Sarah wallet

Please excuse me if I missed someone…
Thank you so much for your request. I hope you enjoy watching this video.

Wallets featured on this video:
Louis Vuitton Alexandra wallet in damier ebene
Louis Vuitton Insolite wallet in damier azur
Homepage: www.louisvuitton.com

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