Magic Wallet Maneuver – MGTOW

Today’s video is brought to you by a donation from Paul. And today’s topic is about the magic wallet maneuver. In the 1814 Novella (Peter Schlemiel’s Miraculous Story) the main character Peter sells his shadow to the Devil for a bottomless wallet called the gold sack of Fortunatus. But in the story both society and the woman he love reject him because he has no shadow. Are we really to believe that a woman wouldn’t sell her husband’s or boyfriends shadow if he had access to a bottomless wallet through him? Am I the only one that thinks the concept for such a story is ridiculous I for one think most women would sell their husbands hair, arms, legs, kidneys, liver and even his brain if they could get access to a limitless or bottomless wallet. He could be a stump with lungs and I’ve met women that would gladly see men suffer so they could live with unlimited access to resources. So this story is kind of unbelievable. Hell Peter Schlemiel could have just found himself a blind woman that wouldn’t care about his shadow and that would love him for him. And he wouldn’t have to tell her that he didn’t have a shadow. But this video isn’t about a fairy tale. This
story is about a real life man I know also called Peter and he has a Magic Wallet maneuver of his own. He’s a mgtow that still dates and he’s not willing to settle for anything less then a rare nawalt or unicorn. He always says that money won’t bring you happiness but it sure lets you suffer in style. And that he does. But his magic wallet is a technique he uses on women once they start shit testing him on dates or trying to blow him off. What he does is carry five to ten thousand dollars in his wallet when he goes on dates. And if a woman is no longer interested in him and put him through shit tests and starts to talk down to him he brings out the magic wallet. Here in Canada one hundred dollar bills are brown, fifties are red, twenties are green, tens are purple and fives are blue. So he stacks his wallet with a technicolor rainbow of money and makes sure to stack the hundreds and fifties as high as he can before shoving him into his wallet. And he makes the wallet just thick enough so it barely closes. When the date turns sour he puts his wallet and his key-chain which has keys to a beamer onto the table where he’s taking his date and then watches as his
lady friends eyes start to glaze over. Often times a woman that told him she wasn’t interested five minutes earlier asks him when she can see him again. Again that number is 95% of the time based on his observations.