Male Shit Tests – MGTOW

After putting out yesterday’s video on the magic wallet maneuver someone posted in the comments section and said that by using the magic wallet men are just as bad as women because that’s our version of the shit test on them. Women put men through shit tests to see what they can get away with and how big of a push over a man really is. Men on the other hand put women through them for a different reason and it has to do with trust. Most blue pill men still believe that women can be trusted so male shit tests are all about testing that trust. He wants to know that he can trust her with secrets, money and the fact that she won’t cheat on him. One guy once told me a story about how when he worked as a contractor people would always test his trust. They would clear out all the furniture from a room before it need to be painted or the floor had to be sanded. But one time he noticed that a would always notice that people would always leave a quarter or in Canada a one dollar coin on the ground clearly there as a shit test. Contractors are notorious for stealing money but this guy was honest. So one time he went to a clients house and found a one dollar coin on the ground and instead of picking it up he reached into his pocket and pulled out a one dollar coin and put it next to the other one dollar coin and finished up shop for the day. The next day he returned to painting and both one dollar coins were gone and in their place was a two dollar coin. So he bent down and put a two dollar coin next to the other two dollar coin. The next day he comes back and the two two dollar coins were gone. And in their place was a five
dollar bill. So he drops a five dollar bill and adds a quarter as well to raise the bet so to speak. Later on the person who hired him said he was one of the most interesting people he had ever met. And the two of them built trust through humor and the ongoing joke that took four days to play out. The whole thing was a shit test between two men. But in some ways it was kind of a shit test based on trust. And men shit test women so they can see if they are trustworthy. And women shit test men to see the strength of their emotional resolve. Women want strong men so that don’t fold like a cheap suitcase and can continue providing for themselves and their children even when the pressure is on. That seems to be the case many times.