Meek Mill-“Imma Boss” Parody (Bahamas Version)

Special thanks to Lady Millz for voicing the brand-new Stale-O-Force tag!
Special thanks to the East St ‘Wink’s Shop’/Platinum Riders crew: Winker, Buga, Wado, Scratchy, David, Mike, Kendal, Jason.

Stale-O-Force Pictures takes the big hits and Bahamianizes them!

The producers are total idiots!

You have been warned!

I’se A Boss


Look I be prowlin’ tru on Bay Street/
In my fresh Honda
And I gettin’ plenny gals/
Wit’ my fresh Honda
They say they wan’ like me/
And ga gimme two kids
‘They know that’s the reason they cud end up on my phone list
Heard her car in the shop/
Bus Stop.
Da’ next one text and she say she need a ‘Top Up’
‘member me no floats
Look at me fresh now
B-E-C had to shut down
Big boss,
All the Henny’ I stock
All the finies I been gettin’
Know this ballin’ don’t stop
I dun’ owe Rayben a thousand ‘fore my paycheck drop
And it’s only second week
Out of day 30, see?
Mudda freeze!
I’se A boss like my nigga, Jumbo (Jumbo!)
Daughta ask me if I cakey/
And I say ya mussie kno’
Cause I hittin’ up my cousin when he just get pay
And I don’t need a job if I vote D-N-A
Gal I’se a boss (I’se a boss!)
I order shots (order shots!)
I go to N-I-B (NIB!)
Pay my doc’ (pay my doc!)
You say I’m jonsin’ (say I’m jonsin’!)
I say I’m not (i am not)
I short on the paper?
You ga bless ya boy or not?

Gal I’se a boss!
Gal I’se a boss!
My shades is hot!
Lacoste boss!
I order fish,
At Bamboo Shack
Len’ me an ace and I’ll be sure to pay you back.
Got so many shoes they call me Mr. Jordan’s Guy
Spent my salary on a Honda bike
‘No Luv’, stenciled on my girlfriend ride,
In the club bibbin’ on a Henessy and Cran’!
I pray to God they let me work some overtime
‘Cause I just burs’ every dollar, quarter, dime!
Jo-Key niggas savin’ up they mon-nee,
I’se a boss lion, all drinks is on me
Mudda sick dawg, my wallet ain’ on me!
Catch this round den i’ll dip to the bank ya see.
Order me some ‘Yak, bartender double that
Craig Flowers money, so you know he good for dat.
MC Hammer,
Lost stacks
If the late ball fall then I’ll win it back
On my bank debt, I don’t pay dat
Four hundred now, watch how interest raise dat!
Couple shoes I don’t never buy,
Fila brand? Mussie high!
Jitney never ridin’ in
Deduct my pay, Sanpin
Oooh I’m so clever,
Make ghost moves just like Casper dem
Every run, lobster snack
You know I ga credit dat!
Hatin’ type niggas walkin’ round try wibin’
Just because the freshest tings di I dem buyin’
Gal I’se da boss
Watch how I bless ya
If you say this nigga break,
you a jive turkey liar
You are light
You cross the line, my niggas gang you start a fight
On the four-ball
I took a loss
And I’m still buyin’ conch snacks extra sauce!
Scary money don’t make no money
When ya see ya boy break
You cud do somthin fa me?
I ain’ never had a job
Where ya make plenny money
On the blocks everyday
(Cuz UH!)
I don’t play!