MGTOW Theater – The Finger

A reading of a poem dedicated to men going their own way. These are the words:

One day, while walking I heard a woman say,
That without fair treatment how can there be equal pay?
I responded in hand by asking let me see your hat
Where did you buy it and who paid for that?

She said I bought it myself with the money I own,
No pomp, no circumstance, it had to be worn.
I said, but who’s wallet was opened so incredibly wide,
In order for that purchase to be obliged?

She said not mine for I fetter away,
Worrying about the hard life to which I slave.
I fetter and worry that no one can feel,
The feelz that I have and the fucks that I steal.

Dear woman I said, my eyeballs rolling back,
Have you felt the cold hands that built the smoke stacks,
That power your home, your Ipad and TV
That created the glasses you wear as to see?

That invented machines that free up your hands,
Or the roads that conveniently criss cross these lands.
The medicine and industry that extends your life,
While at the same time borrowing from men and their strife’s?

As they tarry and work to provide you with money,
For your milk toast and biscuits, cheddar and honey?
Will you finally find the courage to admit.
That if it goes broke, men will fix that shit.

No! No! She said, I disagree.
As long as men exist women will never be free.
Oh really I replied, your freedom’s so choice.
That it cannot survive when a man has a voice?

Now see here you spoiled little excuse for a girl,
the sweat, and blood, and tears of men they built this world.
And if you don’t like it you could always go back,
To the dreams of your Edan, your downfall, your crack.

The tears they did fall from this woman’s swollen eyes,
Finding it harder to believe, her own lies upon lies,
But nowhere was found an ounce of sympathy to play,
As all of the men were going their own way.

So as the sun set on woman’s sore ego,
The rest of the universe applauded and although,
time cannot set it’s hands that they may linger,
men will soon find peace, giving women the finger.