Midori Traveler’s Notebook January 2016 Month End Setup Review

I started the year with a goal. That goal was to streamline my personal planning. I wanted to find a good system and size that would work for me.

I began the year in my brown Midori Passport as a wallet and my Blue Midori as my planner. As the month went on I began to do everything in my passport Midori. I had quite a bit of stuff crammed in that little Midori. I wanted to add one more notebook, a fourth one, so I needed to venture into one of my Foxy Fix notebooks.

I first went to the Avalance, a really cool looking leather. Then I bought a Snowflake, similar look to the avalanche, but so smooth. Then just a few days ago I received an order I placed that had a Sandstorm and Abyss in the lovely package. And I am smitten with the Sandstorm. It is a lovely shade of a deep relish brown with these golden almost lightning like streaks across the leather.

`about two weeks ago I stopped using the standard Midori. When updating my schedule sometimes things got done in the passport, but I forgot to transfer that information over into the standard Midori. Or sometimes while at home planning things would get completed in the standard Midori and not make it over to the passport. I felt like I was running around with incomplete data. So I would have to consult with both notebooks. I decided to stop this and make my system work in the passport as this I carry everywhere as a wallet. And I describe in this video my set up.

I also show my special Airport Edition Midori Traveler’s notebook and how I have it set up for my Japanese class.

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