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Hi Lovelies!
How are we all doing this weeeek? Yeh me too same same but different. I picked up some goodies + a new bag…same same but different. My mind is made up this time. It is LOVE!

So first things first. What did you guys pickup from the Sephora 20%off sale? You all know I love to double up but this time I had to get 2 Marc Jacobs gel liners because I have to spend a total of $55 after discounts to get free shipping and we all know how bad is right? There is hardly any good stock on there to buy in the first place and we all know if we find an amazing black eyeliner then well girl we gotsta stock up. Happy that I got a GWP and also a FREE sample teehee!

Who else here loves BOSE?! How amazing are their speakers! I’m crazy for this little BEAST the Soundlink Mini II ! Geesh does this little speaker have grunt or what! I found out about this little gem after my dad got one duty free after coming back from his holiday. He paid 280usd for his…err yeh ripped off so badlyyy LOL! I’m so happy that I got this little gem at 20% off off eBay online via the Myer store. Gotta love Myer! I love Myer so much! & the Myer One points hehehe

Last but not least I’m on my last ever MG Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag ok! Black Ballerina! That’s it and i’m over MG! Phew! So glad I was able to return the Net a Porter one. I just couldn’t bare to wear the Camello Dolly one out. It would cause me immense stress! Given how pretty it was I just couldn’t do it! I gave it the boot LOL! So in came this little baby all blurry, smooth, silky and wrapped in its own bow with the perfect pop of blushy pinky nudey…Ballerinaaa! Geesh I really wish I got the Veg Black Ballerina Mini the first time round to save me heartache and countless months searching like a mad woman of pre orders and numerous online websites for a mini!!! Never again! Never again! Like seriously who does that?

Do you love this colour combination? Do you love the Mini Bucket how about the size? I highly recommend the website that I bought this baby from. Mychameleon. They are a Sydney based online store that sell mid- high end designer labels. I think that’s right…

Thank you all so much for watching for all your support for all the friends I have made along the way & for taking the time out of your day to share silly things with me thank you thank you thank you

Please take care until next time



Camera: Canon 70D
Lens: Sigma Art 30mm 1:1.4 DC
Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro
?Music: Phantom Sage feat. Byndy NCS