MLP FIM Paranoia is Magic comic dub review from scribbler and Pounce

Hey what’s going on with it bros women bronies and pegasisters this is the one the only Nintendofreak2011 (aka Criticismguy2009)back with another long awaited short mlp fim comic dub review!So basically its maily about Fluttershy and Discord at a picnic jsut relaxing eating cookies and stuff then the other 5 of the mane 6 ponies are all pissed and paranoid that discord is So other than that Peace out bros women bronies and pegasisters peace out take care and goodbye have a good day or night depending on where your at in the world.Don’t drink and smoke weed at the same time terrible habit.And don’t do anything reckless.Stay chill guys laters and im out see ya!Like comment and please subscribe to my channel means a lot to me for damn sure
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