More Steps to Riches from Ancient Times

Did you like the first four steps to Become the Richest person in your city from George Clason in The Richest Man in Babylon? I hope you did because there are more steps to create wealth that are still as applicable today as in ancient times.

As you may recall, here are the prerequisite and steps one to four:
(Feel free to refer to the post How to Become the Richest Man or Woman in Your City for more detail on the prerequisite and Steps 1 – 4)

The Prerequisite – A burning desire to create wealth along with the willingness to take the required action steps.

Step 1 – Start your wallet or purse to fattening by with 10% of your earnings that is yours to keep.

Step 2 – Control your expenditures to live comfortably on the remaining 90%.

Step 3- Make your gold (money) multiply by investing the 10%.

Step 4 – Guard your treasures (money) from loss.

Now let’s learn the details of steps five through seven that complete the path to wealth as practiced by The Richest Man in Babylon. Please go to to read the rest!