My Mojito Wallet Has Arrived!

I was bored, and decided to test out my new Tripod for my Canon A2000IS camera and video tape my new Mojito. What is a Mojito you ask? It is officially my new ‘portable’ money/credit card holder that I can carry while I am walking and getting some exercise and participating in 10K races and so forth and so on ~ e.g. Wallet 2.0 or, maybe Wallet 0.5?

Oooooops! Yeah .. the mailman dropped by while I was recording and my dogs started barking. I didn’t bother to edit that out of the video so ..sorry for dead space and the barking!

The Mojito shown in the video was purchased from here:

The two Papillon dogs have their own website, if interested 😛

PS: – Check out my “Art” Gallery too! I plan to use my new Tripod to record more of my “HART-Speed-Paintings” in the future!