My New Bushcraft Essentials – Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox

In this video I show my new Bushcraft Essentials – Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox that I ordered from

This Micro Stove is the one that 17HMRSniper used with his Axe Can Mini Stove that I did a couple of videos one about a month ago. I ordered one so I could do a boil test like what 17HMRSniper did.

This is the product description from Amazon.
The world’s smallest hobo stove – fits in a wallet! Super small – pack size 4,7 x 6,5 cm, only 77 grams, still a fully functional hobo stove. Can be used with wood, other organic material, Esbit, alcohol burner or a tea candle. A perfect gift for real men (and women!). Has been used by our customers as EDC emergency stove, penholder, stylish teapot warmer and atmospheric Bushcraft tea candle lamp. Each part has a hole for a carabiner. And – this little stove is also going down well with women who like its alternative uses!

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