NAMPA: OMARURU Spar cycle 16 April 2016 HD

OMARURU 18 APR (NAMPA) – Ingram Cuff and Michelle Vorster were the winners of the 2016 Omaruru Spar Cycle Challenge’s senior category on Saturday. Cuff completed the senior men?s race (106 kilometres) in a time of two hours, 42 minutes and 10 seconds (02:42:10:13); while Vorster finished first in the women?s
senior race with a time of 02:50:10. The second and third places in the senior men?s race went to Horst Neumann and
Johannes Hamunyela respectively, who finished a fraction of a second behind Cuff. Both Neumann and Hamunyela finished with an electronic measured time of 02:42:10:17. Both Cuff and Neumann told Nampa after the race the wind played a major role.
The wind at times measured up 44 kilometres per hour, making it extremely difficult, especially for less experienced riders to complete the race.
FL/AS/LI (Edited by: Francois Lottering) NAMPA