NEW Stitch! Barred slip stitch, ringed slip stitch or half single RH

A brand new edging stitch ideal for connecting pieces! also good for hats, washcloths, table-mats, pockets, cuffs, purse edges, etc. It has the straight butt-edge you need on some projects as well as the strength of a slip-stitch. It does a fantastic job on connecting pieces! You hardly see the seam, and the edge is very distinct!
This works great with a single crochet too. Looks the same, its just a bit higher and just as great for pieces you need to connect.
I decided to stick with the name ‘Barred slip stitch’ instead of ‘ringed’. I have used that term in a couple other videos, so the vote is in! LOL

A note to all you crocheters! You see a right hand project you like but you are left handed, or a left hand project and are right handed. Weep no more my lady (or gentleman), there is an easy fix.
(I don’t find this option on Real player or Window’s Media player, sooo….)
Get VLC media player. It is made for both Windows and Mac, and it is free…
Here is where you can get it if you don’t have it yet.

Go to tools, click ‘efects and filters’,
in the pop up box click ‘video efects’,
click ‘Geometry’,
check the box for ‘Transform’,
choose ‘flip horozontally’.
And your video will be a mirror image, right to left, and left to right. When you are done, don’t forget to un check the transform box or all your videos will be reversed.
I hope this helps! ;-D
For those that prefer to see how….I made a video on how to, and here is the link…..…