NEW VAN FAN EPISODE 10: Trade Deadline

New Van fan Andreas experiences his first trade deadline day. Little happens. Featuring hit song “Don’t Go Luongo!” See the rest of our videos here:

Whew. Alright five AM. Let deadline day begin. Got the Sportsnet, got the Tweeter. Good to go. Twitter’s trending so hard right now. Nice. Are you eating muffins with a spoon? Boys, what’s up? Ready for the day? Check it out, got myself one of those Snuggies you hear about on the tv. It’s pretty nice and warm actually. I kind of like it, I don’t know. Dude, that’s a “Ruggie” at best. Yeah. K whatever. Oh, so check it out. Got my deadline day fishwater here, you know so every time a trade is made. You drink from a fish? Yeah. Don’t you think it’s a little too ironic? Drinking water from a fish? Well if you subscribe to those literary devices then yeah. Dude can I have some or? Yeah.. No. That’s my coffee. You know, if I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to pull a fish out of any body of water. Like just reach my hand there and pull out like a good sized fish. Like you, you eat it kind of fish? Or… Yeah, like a salmon or something like that. But I think, I was thinking more like if I’m getting mugged and I’m by a mud puddle I’ll be like, “Oh gee, I dropped my wallet shoo BAMM!” Fish in the face! Yeah. It’s effective. So does anything happen on trade deadline day? Or.. I’m kind of skipping class for this so… Well, this Washinsky guy just changed his pants. Oh, those are nice. I’ll drink to that. See boys, recently I’ve been trying to figure out how to stop foot odor. I mean it’s a cycle, you know. You’ve got your foot. You’ve got the sock, and you’ve got the shoe, right? All three can produce odor. Question is how do I stop it? Do I stop wearing shoes? I mean, I’ve got to look professional. But do I stop wearing socks and my feet get really hot? I don’t know. Wait. Did you know that in some cultures in some cultures… In France. Foot odor is a sign of fertility. Really? Yeah. Good for you. Hey, there was a trade! I’ve never heard of those guys. I’ve never heard of those teams. Yeh! Here, just. See? Simple! Ah come on! You’re not sleeping? No, I’m playing Mario 64 in my head right now. I’m at star seventy eight. Oh. We treated you so bad, now you want to go and that makes us sad oh, don’t go Luongo. Oh I can’t stand to lose you, don’t go Luongo. ‘Cause you know, you’re such a good goalie, doing the things you do, goal tending, etc. Don’t go Luongo, I can’t stand to lose you, no no. I think we rocked it. Oh. Oh, it’s twelve thirty.Deadline day over. Sweet. Jussi Jokinen to the Penguins, big blockbuster.See you guys. See ya. Yeah I should get home too. I guess I gotta tell Tara that we’ve still got Luongo. See ya man. Alright. See you guys.