Nutnfancy’s ROL EDC System Part 2

PART 2 of 2: Here is a rundown of Nutnfancy’s Every Day Carry (EDC) system under the Rule of Law. This system represents, for Nutnfancy, the best blend of capabilities and mobility found so far. Certainly there are lots of different options and methods of EDC out there with different gun, knife, and tool options some being a lot heavier and more capable than these. And if these items are indeed carried in completeness and with high regularity then I’ll extend my congrats on finding a system that works for you. However with this system I have yet to see or run into any friend or cohort that has more capabilities than I do. I’m always the one fixing things, patching people up, and fulfilling the sheepdog role with this system. And, if the jurisdiction legalities permit, I always have it on me. That’s because it is easy and comfortable to carry. I minimize weight and bulk and integrate most things into a quick attachable system like a quality and small fanny pack (like the Mountainsmith Vibe II shown) to greatly simplify the system. Capabilities include a semi-auto Kahr PM9 pistol with 19 rds, Al Mar Eagle knife, Leatherman S2 Juice, Streamlight Stylus flashlight, Orion whistle, flat tweezers, Neosporin antibiotic, nail file and other various hygiene items, wallet (includes some bandages and alcohol wipes), and a pen. As shown, gun is carried in a bellyband with some velcro modifications made by Nutnfancy. Downsides of this carry are slower draw and inability to re-holster easily but they are offset by the ultra concealment and comfort qualities of a good bellyband system (riding high around chest area btw). In Without Rule of Law (WROL) scenarios, the EDC will change to address possible higher threat scenarios where the threat of confrontation is higher (vids on that maybe later). These WROL situations would utilize higher and faster accessible firepower, body armor, and perhaps more substantial blade options. But for ROL EDC needs, this system has proven quite effective.