Obama Visits Israel equals War rant (AM news briefing)

Hey whats going on with it ladies and gentlemen, ponies and gentlecolts the is the one,the only Criticismguy2009(aka CG09 and Nintendofreak2011)back here again with an Alternative media rant.So im not really gonna get too much into detail in the description box below, but I will tell you guys to go Subscribe to one of my real good friends TheAFH013’s channel, if you really like videogames Lets plays, commentary and games like the GTA series, Bioshock Infinite,oldschool gmaes like Crash banditcoot, and spyro the dragon, then definitely check out this dudes channel and videos for sure, hes a pretty chill guy so tell him I sent you there, hes on my nintendofreak2011 channel so you can find him there in my favorites section. So anyways on to the real story of this video. So a couple of weeks ago, mr president Obama decided to take a trip To the middle east, in Israel to make some amends and plans with the prime minister Benjamin MettenYahoo to talk about their uncertain future with the middleeast, the United States and the rest of the world.But to me I know for sure their planning something really big ! like WW3 perhaps ?and probably some nuclear weapons millions of deaths and the collapse of the dollar as we know it!?very possible in these desperate, messed up shitty economic times that were living in today people, anything is literally possible.Last but not least I know this little tyrannical government is planning some sort of police state NWO freemasonists illuminatist plans with isreal to make them get into a more destructive more painful state in their country now more than ever and Sadly the USA might have something to do with it(or play some kind of role in its disasterous results for WW3) I also talk a little bit of this one future movie that Brad pitt will be starring in called War World Z on my Nintendofreak2011 channel sometime this weekend or next week.But like I always say Is what it is ain’t what it ain’t , see you when I see you peace out take care and goodbye peoples ,im gone and out, and don’t drink and smoke weed at once terrible ,bye laters See ya!

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