Our Six Month Sewing Project Round Up and Review

This week marks the six month since I launched my sewing inspiration blog www.sewspire.com . In that time frame we have learned how to sew a mini list maker (this week’s featured project), a set of nesting bins, a patchwork belt, an apron, a drawstring bag, a fabric envelope, a cash wallet, a bunny ear tote, a zippered pouch, a pad folio and a set of cord keepers. My goal with this site was to inspire / teach 10,000 women how to sew. The only means I have to measure my success is based upon the number of subscribers and downloads. Both of which indicate I am falling way short of my intended goal. I really need your help spreading the word about this free educational source and / or I would greatly appreciate your input as to how I can improve the product / service or method. What do you think of the site? Are you enjoying the tutorials? Have you learned anything new? Have you shared the blog with friends? I am so curious to know and appreciate your help in making this crazy dream of mine become a reality. Lots of love and inspiration from me to you! xox, Andrea