Pacsafe Metrosafe 350 GII Antitheft Daypack Review


I’m reviewing the Pacsafe Metrosafe 350 GII antitheft daypack. I have been a big fan of Pacsafe bags for several years now. My first Pacsafe was a Citysafe, which I first used in Florence, Milan, Venice and Burano. Pacsafe bags are tamper proof, snatch proof and slashproof.

I knew I wanted to use a Pacsafe bag for our BIG trip. It made me feel better knowing my valuables were secure while traveling. Not only does my bag have to be secure, but it also has to be stylish. I wanted an upgrade from my Slingsafe 300, which I have used several times already. This time I was carrying a laptop and I needed more space.

For months I kept looking at the Pacsafe website, unable to choose which bag I wanted. I narrowed it down to Venturesafe 32L, Ultimatesafe 32L, Slingsafe 300 GII and Metrosafe 350 GII. The crazy thing was on the day I planned to buy my Pacsafe bag I received an email from Pacsafe. It was unexpected, but very nice surprise. After a few email correspondence, in which I was advised that the 32L bags were too big on me. I chose the Metrosafe 350 GII as my daypack for my one year travel.

When the package first arrived, it was wrapped in a plastic bag. Imagine my initial surprise and disappointment when I saw how small the bag was. It was flat, and I thought to myself “Oh no! How am I supposed to fit everything inside?” Worried, I opened the bag to see if my electronics would fit. I put it my macbook air, ipad, canon 7d with the canon 17-55mm lens attached to it. Then a separate lens, Canon 24mm f/1.4. My initial disappoint melted away replaced with a happiness and excitement. Surprise! It fits! I zipped up my bag without any problem. My bag was just perfect. It didn’t look bulky at all, and was just proportional to my size.

You have a choice of black or jungle green colors. I received the black which has neon green color inside, which I loved. Black is a good choice when on the road, because it hides the dirt better. The material was harder, thicker, and definitely not as shiny as the Slingsafe 300. The size is perfect for women, especially those on the petite side. The materials used are excellent quality. It has taken a lot of abuse, and there are no tears, rips and the zippers are still good.

An added feature to this new generation bags are the electronic and RFID pouch to put your credit cards in. We live in an age where electronic data is easily stolen. It would be a nightmare to find out your credit card info has been stolen while traveling. The only thing I don’t like is the location of the pouch. I would have preferred for the electronic and RFID pouch to be inside the main compartment where it would be harder to get to.

My favorite features on the Pacsafe Metrosafe 350 GII are the smart zipper security and the turn and lock strap hook. The smart zipper security is a hook that locks your zipper and prevents it from opening. A big plus is the pouch that the hook slides in to, which makes it harder to open. Also, putting a water bottle on the side pocket obscures the view of the zipper. To prevent my bag from being snatched, I like to hook my strap around a non moveable fixture when sitting down in the airport for long periods or cafe. You can click on here to see how I use the bag in airports.

I’m so glad I went with the Pacsafe Metrosafe 350 GII Antitheft Daypack. It’s the perfect size to carry my valuables, and doesn’t compromise my style. I can travel without worrying about the theft of my valuables.