PAMP Suisse Gold/Silver vs Local NZ Gold/Silver: Which should I buy? From the first time buyer of gold or silver, a question we often get is “How do I choose between buying PAMP Suisse gold and silver bars versus local New Zealand refined gold and silver bars?”

A short answer would be to say that the local NZ refined gold and silver are bought by 89% of our clients. With PAMP being the next most popular but a long way behind.

So does this make local NZ gold and silver bars the better option?
Our thoughts are — it depends.

But before we get to why it depends, maybe we should start by firstly outlining the differences between the products as then the pros and cons for purchasing each will be more obvious.

Actually on second thoughts we should first say what they have in common.
PAMP Suisse Gold/Silver Bullion vs Local NZ Gold/Silver Bullion: What do they have in common?

For gold, both the PAMP Lady Fortuna 1oz bar and the local gold 1 oz bar are both 99.99% pure — four 9’s in industry speak. For silver the PAMP 1kg bar and the local NZ silver 1kg bar are both 99.9% pure or three 9’s. So both local gold/silver and PAMP gold/silver contain the same amount of silver or gold in each unit.

Now, how are they different?

Compared to local NZ bars, PAMP gold and silver bars have 3 major differences:

PAMP bars have an assay certificate and individual serial numbers
PAMP bars are manufactured in Switzerland and more easily recognised worldwide
PAMP bars cost more to buy per bar

You can see and compare todays indicative prices for each product on our products page.

So how do I decide between PAMP bullion bars and local bullion bars?

The first and main question to ask yourself is when the time comes, where do you intend to sell the gold or silver bullion?

If it’s in New Zealand then the lower priced local gold and silver bars may be as good an option for you as you’ll get more gold or silver for you buck. And as we outlined above, when you start buying many ozs of gold or kilos of silver the extra $45-50 per bar can start to add up.

However if you believe you may wish to sell overseas then the more recognisable PAMP products may be the better option. Of course when it comes to silver you’ll have to consider whether you would try and lug say 20 kilos of silver around the airports with you! Gold is much more portable of course (one of the characteristics that makes it money) and so a PAMP 1oz bar can make a great travel insurance product. At today’s prices a bit over NZ$2000 that can be easily hidden on your person, in a pocket etc. Often a great gift for a travelling son or daughter. An emergency back up they can’t easily blow on beer in a london pub but if necessary can turn into cash!

Just like anything else, individual circumstances mean that the best option will differ from person to person and in the end you’ll have to make up your own mind.

Much like if you can’t decide between gold and silver themself, if you’re really unsure then an option may be to have a “bob each way” and get a bit of both. Some local gold or silver to get the best price and therefore the most physical metal possible, and some PAMP products in case you relocate overseas. And if you travel, then especially consider a few PAMP Lady Fortuna gold bars as some emergency money in case of theft or a lost wallet or purse while overseas.