Pocket Page Insert Tutorial

I have made these Pocket page inserts with 3 and 4 sheets of cardstock or file folders. Really fun to do. 🙂
2 12×12 sheets of cardstock
Score at 4″ and 8″‘ then turn paper once score down middle at 5″ Do this to both sheets of 12×12 cardstock.
On 1 sheet only, cut out center flap ( all 3 sides) on score lines remove flap.
On Second sheet, cut two score lines down to the 6″ score line on center flap
On the opposite side of second sheet , on two corners outer flaps only leaving center flap, cut 1 1/2″ (making a L shape) on the score lines. Remove 1 1/2″ strips.
Glue 3 sides of center flap to other sheet center flap aligning score lines to make a pocket. Then glue 3 sides with both side flaps that was cut 1 1/2″ out of corners to make two more pockets.
Close both top and bottom flaps.
Flip over
For center flap glue 2 sides to make a pocket, fold bottom up and top down .
Now add designer paper and embellishments to your insert.
Have Fun!!
Hope this helps. 🙂

This one was made for a swap , the vntage lady group.